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Farmstand Fido was born out of the simple idea that our dogs deserve the best.  They give us so much joy and unconditional love.  We are proud of the relationships we've formed with our valued customers and their pups and are always thrilled to receive feedback.

Check out some of their reviews below:

Rescue dog mutt named Cole, plott hound

Cole gets so excited when I open the bag.  He's usually gentle grabbing treats but he almost chomps my arm off for these.  He then sprints away as fast as he can to eat them in peace.

- Alec


Terry has a sensitive stomach and usually anything other than kibble makes his stomach upset.  He has a straight up allergic reaction to boiled rice even. But these treats have been sooo good!!!  We love them already!  Very sensitive stomach dog approved.

- Sofi

Rescue pup named Terry, a siberian husky


King Charles Cavalier and Shitzu mix named Spot

I haven't fed a lot of treats before because Spot doesn't eat most of the store bought stuff.  He just plays with it.  But he grabs the Farmstand Fido treats and eats them right away.  He definitely likes them!

- Eva


Winnie loves them all!  We can't pick a favorite.

- Anthony

Golden Doodle named Winnie


German Shepherd named Luna

My furry friend Luna is always excited when she sees the bag, and I'm delighted to reward her with treats that I feel good about giving. I highly recommend Farmstand Fido to all pet owners who want to provide their dogs with a truly wholesome and delightful snacking experience.

- Peter


Woof woof.  Woof woof woof.  Woof woof!

Sato rescue dog named Nora from Puerto Rico



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