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Our treats are handcrafted in small batches without any nasties.  You'll never find artificial preservatives, fillers or additives in our ingredients.
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Lisa, NJ

"My dog Whitney goes crazy for these treats!  She hears me opening up the bag and comes running into the kitchen.  And I love that they are made with all natural ingredients.  They are the closest thing to homemade dog treats!"

Megan, IL

"Tilly ADORES these treats.  And now all of her doggie friends come to me in the park.  If you want your dog to love you, you have to buy these treats.  Her favorite is the Farmstand Veggies."

Kim, NJ

"I came upon Farmstand Fido at a farmer's market in East Hampton, NY. I'm very careful with what I give my collie, Finn, but decided to let him try a Farmstand Fido treat when I read the ingredients. Finn's sensitive digestive tract coupled with his (somewhat) fussy eating preferences make finding treats he likes and are good for him challenging. That said, Finn LOVES his Farmstand Fido treats!! I use them for rewards for good behavior and for a snack "just because". I feel good giving him something he likes that is also good for him!!"
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